The Successful Slimming 7

Oranges with tape measure

  1. Pace yourself – aim for 1 lb a week weight loss, cutting 500 calories a day from your intake is more likely to result in sustained weight loss than a very low calorie diet.
  2. Eat clean, unprocessed food.
  3. Switch refined carbohydrates to whole grains – this will keep you fuller for longer and recent research has found wholegrains are metabolised more efficiently leading to less fat storage.
  4. Include good quality protein with every meal – again this will help you stay fuller for longer. White fish is very low in calories.
  5. Add lots and lots of vegetables to your plate. Non root vegetables are very low in calories.
  6. Ensure you are drinking enough water – symptoms of dehydration include hunger
  7. Plan ahead – carry healthy snacks with you and make sure you have all the healthy ingredients needed to create your planned meals

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