Health and weight loss

A healthy diet can prevent illness, promote weight loss, support development in children and increase energy levels, as well as make your hair and eyes shine and skin glow. For those with diagnosed conditions the right diet can relieve symptoms and potentially remove the cause. Helen is passionate about supporting wellbeing through diet and offers a range of services to enable clients to achieve this. All consultations are designed around the individual directly addressing their specific issues.

Initial consultations identify the client’s current state of health, general eating habits and targets. Personalised advice on eating patterns, nutrients, meals and snacks is given. Follow up sessions  provide ongoing support and reportability. Advice in follow ups is based on feedback with the aim of developing a healthy diet that fits with the client’s lifestyle and incorporates personal likes, dislikes and upcoming events.

One-off consultation sessions are available, providing clients with the opportunity to ask questions on specific issues or to have nutritional advice received from other professionals explained in greater detail or more simplistically.

Meal and snack ideas are included with consultations however Helen does also offer bespoke diet plans. Each plan is written specifically for the client designed to achieve targets, fit with their lifestyles and take into consideration food likes and dislikes. Plans include breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks where appropriate. Diet plans are calorie counted and nutritionally balanced. All recipes are included or shop bought alternative suggested.

Zoom and in-person consultations are available