Sports nutrition

Helen Money Nutrition provides sports nutrition advice and plans for performance, recovery, injury risk reduction and injury rehabilitation. Helen is very experienced across a range of sports and working with athletes competing at Olympic and world championship level through to enthusiastic amateurs or those embarking on their first triathlon or marathon. Helen has worked with clients competing across varying temperatures from Marathon De Sables through to the Yukon Arctic Ultra and distances from 100m sprints to multi-day events.

Helen is contracted by Oxford University Sports Federation to provide nutritional advice to the Blues teams and athletes on the Individual Performance Scheme.  Blues sports covered include all disciplines within athletics, rowing, cycling, fencing, boxing, judo, hockey, swimming, waterpolo, squash, triathlon, gymnastics and cricket.

Helen is the nutritionist at The Bosworth Clinic a leading clinic in sport rehabilitation. And is also nutritionist to Tri Training Harder and TLA Fitness.

Helen Money Nutrition offers a range of services from one off consultations to a course of consultations to support training and competition throughout the season as well as carb load and race/event plans. Helen is also very experienced in body composition changes.

Skype and telephone consultations are available

Helen has been working alongside Tri Training Harder as the nutritionist to our race team and has subsequently also integrate into our age groupers working within endurance sports like Triathlon, Ultra-marathons and IRONMANs. Helen works alongside the coach working the best possible nutritional plan for the athlete integrating their fuelling needs as well as balancing their training requirements to deliver the best possible results. She also writes as a guest writer on our blog, providing expert advice by cutting through sales and marketing “fads” and working in the factual domain using science to help individuals optimise their diet for performance.

Phillip Hatzis, Founder of Tri Training Harder