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A healthy diet can prevent illness, promote weight loss, support development in children and increase energy levels, as well as make your hair and eyes shine and skin glow. For those with diagnosed conditions the right diet can relieve symptoms and potentially remove the cause.

For sport, nutrition can improve performance, aid recovery and reduce the risk of injury.

Helen Money Nutrition works closely with clients to provide nutritional advice that is tailored to individual needs.


Health and weight loss

Helen Money Nutrition is passionate about supporting wellbeing through diet and offers a range of services to enable clients to achieve this.

Sports nutrition

Helen Money Nutrition provides sports nutrition advice and plans for performance, recovery, injury risk reduction and to support injury recovery. Helen is very experienced across a wide range of sports and works with athletes competing at Olympic and World Champion levels through to those competing in their first event.

Workplace wellbeing

Helen Money Nutrition offers a range of workplace wellbeing workshops designed to enthuse employees to eat healthily to support performance, physical and mental wellbeing


Helen Money Nutrition offers consultancy services starting from one hour through to an ongoing outsourcing resource. Helen can work within an existing team of nutritional experts or as a nutritional adviser within a broader spectrum of expertise.

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I practice from consulting rooms in Summertown – Oxford, The Bosworth Clinic – Cassington, Witney, The TLA Studio – Sunningwell, Abingdon.

07961 394201


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