• HelenThis client came to me as she wanted to ensure she was consuming all the essential vitamins and minerals needed whilst following a vegan diet.

    person“Before coming to see Helen I had never been to a nutritionist but thought that, being a vegan, it might be worthwhile. I was not wrong! Seeing Helen has completely changed the way I look at food and has helped give me more energy and has eased the headaches I used to suffer from regularly. I was astounded at the level of knowledge and complexity and was shocked at how low my mineral levels were. Helen recommended simple changes to my diet to ensure I got all the necessary levels of minerals on my restricted vegan diet, and if there was a food I didn’t like, she would find a way around it. This has made implementing the changes to my diet so easy and manageable. I am incredibly grateful that I came to see Helen and would not be feeling so perky now if I had not!”