Racing Driver

  • HelenThe reason this client came to me was for weight loss. However he is a professional racing driver so as well as weight loss I suggested that we worked on creating sustained energy levels, improved concentration and good stress response.

    person“As a racing driver, you need to be fit physically and mentally. I had always had a problem as a young teenager in that I was overweight, not by a lot but enough to affect my performance and more importantly the image I projected to others. I had regularly exercised; in most weeks 5 to 6 times a week, but I saw no change. This was when I asked myself: is what I am putting in my body correct? Eventually with some searching I was fortunate enough to discover Helen Money. We had a consultation to begin with where I sat down and told Ms. Money what I wanted to achieve and when I wanted to achieve it. My weight did not drop off over night, it took 2 weeks before I started seeing change. However, when it started I was losing up to 1kg a week with regular exercise.

    Helen has always been very supportive and when situations made me eat badly, she managed to find a way around it. With racing, my schedule can change on any day and Helen has also been very flexible in our appointments. With Helen Money’s help, I feel better as a person. No longer do I ever feel lethargic, I am always well recovered after the workouts ready for another training session the next day and most importantly Helen Money has helped me to my first career win. It’s what you put in your body that counts!”