• HelenThis client came to me with specific goals of wanting to lose weight, improve her energy levels and to look great for her 40th birthday. She is a busy working mum. She enjoys socialising; much of her socialising is based around sharing food with friends.

    person“I went to Helen to lose weight and improve my energy levels, and general condition (for my 40th birthday and beyond!!). I thought I knew about nutrition and diets as I’ve always eaten pretty well and cooked from fresh. However, Helen asked me to keep a food diary for a week, (an honest one!) and then analysed it. She then produced a really readable (and interesting!) report on my nutritional intake and my habits. Having my diet and eating patterns analysed by Helen in fact showed my that I wasn’t getting enough nutrients from my food, especially when trying to lose weight, and showed me that I had a pattern of eating really well then ‘rewarding’ myself with a few days of eating what I liked. It showed that when I reduced calories, I also reduced my energy levels and then I would eat to make up for it!

    Helen’s report was detailed and it really highlighted that I wasn’t getting enough minerals, which I genuinely found surprising. Helen suggested swapping and including certain foods, to build up my iron intake and to get more minerals in general into my diet. Also, she thought about adding some really easy snacks during the day to keep me energised and to get the total complex of nutrients.

    I have to say I thought her approach was really fresh. Helen was really good at listening to what I’m like as an individual and so I genuinely found it straightforward to lose weight. Helen comes from the approach that we like to eat, and so her plan included dealing with real life situations – such as entertaining, late nights etc.., so, it made sense for me as a person rather than an idealised version of me with lots of willpower and spare time. I really like Helen’s approach, it’s very tailored, positive, scientific and it’s very doable – for anyone! I wanted to lose weight and improve my general energy levels and hair, skin and nails (it was my 40th!).

    Since I have been able to take more care of what I eat – because I know what to do now. I feel far less moody, I feel more in control, I have lost weight (8lbs and I’m going to keep going), my hair has improved (my scalp is no longer dry and itchy!) and I do feel better, and, without denying myself. I’m really glad I did this, it’s given me the right kind of support to lose weight and also gives me more of an idea of what to eat to keep healthy.”