Private Consultation

Personalised courses

Initial consultation identifies the client’s current state of health and general eating habits. Advice is given based on this information. Follow up sessions will provide the client with personalised advice based on feedback from previous sessions with the aim of developing a healthy diet that fits with the client’s lifestyle and incorporates personal likes and dislikes. See Prices for list of courses.

One-off consultation sessions

One-off consultation sessions are available, providing clients with the opportunity to ask questions on specific issues or to have nutritional advice received from other professionals explained in greater detail or more simplistically.

Diet plans

Diet plans are designed to achieve clients targets, fit with their lifestyles and take into consideration food likes and dislikes. Plans include breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks. Diet plans are calorie counted and nutritionally balanced. All recipes are included or shop bought alternative suggested.

Diet analysis

Diet analysis provides a detailed review of client’s eating habits. Clients receive a written report identifying calorie, vitamin and mineral intake.

Virtual consultation

Virtual personalised courses and one off sessions are available using Skype, telephone or email.

Sports Nutrition

Helen Money Nutrition @ The Bosworth Clinic

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