Let your skin glow, let it glow, let it glow

With the party season upon us everyone wants to look their best. But as well all the fun and festivity this season also creates more demands on our time, leaving very little ‘me’ time. Throughout this though there is one constant – we need to eat, and food for most is something in abundance over the Christmas period. Choose well, ditch the lengthy face packs and shine from within.

If you are hosting a drinks party give some thought to the canapés you offer, and if at a party be selective about the canapés you choose. Nutrients of particular importance to glowing skin and shiny hair are vitamins A, Riboflavin (B2), C, iron, zinc, omega 3 and 6. Smoked Salmon is a great choice, packed with vitamin A and Omega 3; consider a squeeze of lemon juice to add vitamin C. Choose crudités with a yogurt based dip, crudités such as red pepper, carrot and cherry tomatoes are low in calories and a good sauce of vitamins A and C. Quails eggs make an attractive canapé and are a source of Riboflavin (B2). For iron, zinc, omega 3 and 6 choose one of the really tasty, festive looking nut, seed and dried fruit mixes available from supermarkets (just check the labels for the amount of added sugar to the dried fruit).

Green leafy vegetables such as Brussel sprouts and broccoli are great for that glow effect. A source of vitamins A, B2, C and iron plus being very low in calories, they really are worth piling your Christmas dinner plate high with.
And don’t forget the water! Alcohol and central heating dehydrate the skin. Drink water during the day, at the party and before you go to bed.

Finally just a few words on that oh so popular New Year’s resolution – weight loss. Do not crash diet, aim to lose 1lb a week by cutting out the empty calories. Ask yourself are you aiming to just be lighter or to look and feel as good as possible?

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