Corporate Wellbeing

Helen Money Nutrition can work with your company to provide employees with nutritional advice through one off workshops and clinics for health and wellbeing days or training and motivational days. Or provide ongoing support.

In conjunction with TLA Fitness and Pure Consulting proactive wellbeing programs are also available. Programmes are aimed at reducing absenteeism and increasing employee productivity. Nutritional workshops and clinics by Helen Money Nutrition, group fitness training sessions by TLA Fitness, stress counselling by Pure Consulting.

Prior to studying nutrition I worked in a corporate environment in The City for 16 years; for the last 10 years I was required to travel to developing countries on a regular basis. This has provided me with a practical understanding of the challenges employees may face when trying to eat a healthy diet to not only sustain health but also to enable them to perform to the best of their ability.


“We had Helen in for our annual health and wellbeing week and our staff feedback was fantastic – we have even had requests to arrange for Helen to pop in on a more frequent basis.

One of our employees booked an appointment with Helen to see if she could help him with some advice on how to manage a personal health issue. Helen answered all his questions and was not only able to offer advice on health and wellbeing but sent him away with some great tips.

She was so helpful and very friendly to speak to. She answered all my questions even the more specific ones that I wasn’t sure she would be able to.”

Addison Lee, London

“The Lunch and Learn session with Helen that we had recently was really informative, enjoyable and very motivational. The points that were covered were exactly right for our group who wanted to know how to eat more healthily and maintain good habits and better choices with their food. Since the session everyone has changed the way they are thinking about food and trying things they never thought they would enjoy. Thank you Helen, you have really made a difference to us.”

BD Group, Oxford